How To Make Your Own Molle Panel. I used your easy site to design a rectangle molle panel for the interior of my jk and mounted most of my recovery and first aid gear to it. Had to slot the mounting holes since my measurements was off by about 1 cm.

How To Make Your Own Molle Panel How to best 2022 from

This allows a variety of mounting points for tactical pouches or bags that have molle straps. A rigid molle panel system consists of a long, wide strip of material fashioned from a hardened plastic with machine cuts in rows and columns to take molle webbing. I decided on a molle rack system with tear away packs.

Abs Plastic, Zip Ties, Molle Utility Straps, Dremel, Painter’s Tape, Diamond Wheel, Gloss Black Spray Paint, Sandpaper, Plywood, File, Filter Masks, Google, And Gloves.

You will be making a molle panel, and listed here are the supplies and instruments that you’ll use. Here i'm going to make a 3 molle link. To be used on 3 molle pals, you need :

I Also Updated The Cad Model To Put A Bit Of A Radius In At The Bottom Corners.

The loops are aligned so that they can be filled up with “p” clips or similar fasteners which can be used to attach various accessories to the molle belt’s webbing structure. A little something i put together for the front of the truck bed. In theory, if you can find someone that can fabricate a model you send them, you could design up the molle panel from the script above and send them the results.

Duck Cloth And Goat Leather Bottom Carry Bag.

My printer dimentions limited me to a 4×3 molle panel (used as a template). Back from the laser cutter, from design to reality less than 6 days. I used your steel material for the added.

I Would Always Recomend Printing Up A Sample First And Make Sure It Meets Your Needs Before Doing A Larger Item.

You can see on the first images how it's made. Border size how thick would you like the outer border of your panel? This allows a variety of mounting points for tactical pouches or bags that have molle straps.

Since The Z1 Has A Wide Open Frame, It's The Perfect Place To Hold Your Gear.

Sign up to receive our email newsletter. Especially if it is unresolved, and still has some life in it. Just finished my back panel, i used alice shoulder straps and back pad that i had left over after a malice pack build, but the main panel is diy.

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